Guess Who

The rules are simple.

But the game is not.
At eleven years old, Morgan Sheppard solved the murder of a teacher when everyone else believed it to be a suicide. The publicity surrounding the case laid the foundation for his reputation as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. He parlayed that fame into a gig as TV's "resident detective," solving the more typical tawdry daytime talk show mysteries like "Who is the father?" and "Is he cheating?"

Until, that is, Sheppard wakes up handcuffed to a bed in an unfamiliar hotel room. Around him, five strangers are slowly waking up, as well. Soon they discover a corpse in the bathtub and Sheppard is challenged to put his deductive skills to the test. One of the people in the room is the killer. He has three hours to solve the murder. If he doesn't find the killer, they all will die.

My Review

The concept for this book is what drew me towards it. Yeah, it does feel kind of like the Saw movie franchise with a room full of strangers awaking in a room trying to piece together why they are there and what they have in common. Only, there are no traps. However, the main lead, Morgan has to solve the case within three hours or the whole hotel blows up.

Ok, let me tell you that as I got to know the other people in the room, they were alright. Not people that I would want to hang out with or were that intrigued about their stories. In fact, I think that the only person that was better off was the dead guy in the bathtub.

The storyline alternates from present to past. Yet, the first couple of times were not very smooth. Whenever the present would come back into play, it seemed that no progress had been made in getting closer to solving the mystery. This is a really slow burn in the pacing of the story to what is supposed to be a big build up. There are some flaws with this book but it does hold some promise. I am curious as to the next book written by this author.


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