Dim Sum of All Fears

Dim Sum of All Fears is the second book in a delicious new cozy series.

Lana Lee is a dutiful daughter, waiting tables at her family’s Chinese restaurant even though she’d rather be doing just about anything else. Then, just when she has a chance for a “real” job, her parents take off to Taiwan, leaving Lana in charge. Surprising everyone—including herself—she turns out to be quite capable of running the place. Unfortunately, the newlyweds who just opened the souvenir store next door to Ho-Lee have turned up dead. . .and soon Lana finds herself in the midst of an Asia Village mystery.

Between running the Ho-Lee and trying to figure out whether the rock-solid Detective Adam Trudeau is actually her boyfriend, Lana knows she shouldn’t pry into the case. But the more she learns about the dead husband, his ex-wives, and all the murky details of the couple’s past, the more Lana thinks that this so-called murder/suicide is a straight-up order of murder.

My Review

I have not read the first book in this series. However, I was able to jump right into this series. In fact, it was like I had read the first book. All of the characters were so engaging and a bit eccentric. There is Lana, Anna May, Lana's sister. Megan, Lana's room mate, Peter and his grilfriend, Kimmy, and of course, Lana's boyfriend, Adam. Ok, so maybe Lana does not want to call Ada her boyfriend yet as she says "they have only gone on three dates". However, by the end of the book, you can say that they have made it official as boyfriend and girlfriend. Their romance did not play much of a part in this book except for a kiss here or there.

Lana and Anna May may be different as sisters go. Anna May is the play it by the book type whereas; Lana has blue hair. When things get dangerous, the sisters do band together. Lana may have told Adam that she would not have gotten involved in another case but this one kind of came to her. Boy was this case full of surprises.

The characters are what really did make this book so enjoyable for me. The storyline was kind of secondary but in a good way. Because if the characters are not interesting that it does not matter how good the story is. Dim Sum of All Fears serves up a fun platter of humor, engaging characters, and a good storyline that will have you requesting seconds!


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