Going Down Easy

As far as flings go, single dad Gabe Trahan is pretty sure that Addison Sloan is his best bet. Once a month, Addison comes to New Orleans and then…It. Is. On. Until Addison returns to New York, it’s just hot, happily-no-strings-attached sex. And beignets. And jazz. But lately for Gabe, it isn’t nearly enough.

Sure, maybe Addison’s gotten a bit hooked on Gabe. After all, who can resist a guy who’s so sexy, so charming, and so…available? But maybe he’s too available for her right now. Addison’s just moved to New Orleans, and relationships are definitely off the table. Besides, guys always bail when they learn her secret: she’s a single mom.

Only Gabe’s not running. Worse, he’s thrilled. But Addison never signed up for ever-after romance, and Gabe won’t settle for anything less. Now it’s a battle of wills—and when it comes to the woman he’s falling for, Gabe isn’t above playing a little dirty.

My Review

If you are looking for a really spicy read, than, look no further than this book. Author, Erin Nicholas brings the heat in Going Down Easy. You will need a cool glass of water to cool down after reading this book.

I liked everyone in this book from Addison to Gabe's brother, Logan. Which, I hope that Logan gets his own book. He is a player but I think he just hasn't found the right woman yet. Talk about children who steal the spotlight. This goes to Addison's daughter, Stella and Gabe's son, Cooper. These two brought the charm and smiles.

Back to Addison and Gabe. There was a lot of sex taking place within these pages but I won't expect anything less from this book. Plus, I was fine with it as it was hot. Also, the author did a good job of not just making the story just about sex. There was a nice storyline that went with it. I will read the next book in this series.


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