Wide as the Wind

When Vaitéa is ravaged by war, hunger and destruction, it falls upon Miru, the fifteen-year-old son of a tribal warrior, to sail to a distant island to find the seeds and shoots of trees that could reforest their homeland. If he decides to undertake the voyage, he must leave behind Kenetéa, a young woman from an enemy tribe with whom he has fallen deeply in love. And if Miru and his crew survive the storms, sharks and marauding ships that await them on a journey over uncharted ocean, an even greater mission would lie ahead. They must show their people that devotion to the earth and sea can be as strong as war and hatred. Wide as the Wind is both a stirring novel of discovery and a prophetic tale for our times.

My Review

Mr. Stanton pens a lovely story. I was instantly transported within this story. Miru is a good main lead character. He is a young boy but at times he acts older but not to be forgotten, he still does react other times like his age. The reason for his is the war. His father is a solider as are many of the other men. Therefore, he kind of has to be the "man".

The journey that Miru took was breathtaking. I was really into the journey. It was like I was Miru. Readers will enjoy the journey as well. Additionally, all of the other characters and location that Miru met and visited were just as interesting. I could not stop reading this book. My nephews will be sure to enjoy this book as well.


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