Never Alone

Sarah Carpenter lives in an isolated farmhouse in North Yorkshire and for the first time, after the death of her husband some years ago and her children, Louis and Kitty, leaving for university, she’s living alone. But she doesn’t consider herself lonely. She has two dogs, a wide network of friends and the support of her best friend, Sophie.

When an old acquaintance, Aiden Beck, needs somewhere to stay for a while, Sarah’s cottage seems ideal; and renewing her relationship with Aiden gives her a reason to smile again. It’s supposed to be temporary, but not everyone is comfortable with the arrangement: her children are wary of his motives, and Will Brewer, an old friend of her son’s, seems to have taken it upon himself to check up on Sarah at every opportunity. Even Sophie has grown remote and distant.

After Sophie disappears, it’s clear she hasn’t been entirely honest with anyone, including Will, who seems more concerned for Sarah’s safety than anyone else. As the weather closes in, events take a dramatic turn and Kitty too goes missing. Suddenly Sarah finds herself in terrible danger, unsure of who she can still trust.

But she isn’t facing this alone; she has Aiden, and Aiden offers the protection that Sarah needs. Doesn’t he?

My Review

There is something about this book that had me intrigued and coming back for more. There was no big flashy moments or really hyped up intense ones either. It was simple. Yet, as the saying goes "Simple is good when it is done right".

The two main voices within this book are Sarah and Aiden. They alternate. Aiden's is more mysterious with hints that he is a watcher and has a secret. Sarah's voice is milder. Than you throw in the mix Will. The younger man who Sarah does have a bit of an attraction to as well as Aiden. I will say that Aiden's secret was a disappointment to me. I was hoping it was something darker.

Overall, through I did really enjoy this book. A quick read that does draw the reader in deeper as the story progresses.


Mystica said…
Sounds like a good mystery. There have recently been so many excellent mystery/thrillers around difficult to choose.

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