Skystone Canyon

He's the toughest cowboy on patrol fighting darkness--until a rare woman reminds him of the light in his heart...

Barrett Iron Feather hardly has time for romance between busting drug rings as a veteran police officer and maintaining his roping winning streak at rodeos. Then his world turns upside down when the police chief goes behind his back and makes Barrett head of security for a Hollywood movie set. Skystone Canyon is a historical western being filmed in the picturesque mountain town of Bandits Hollow, and Barrett's furious he's been relegated to supervising "pampered city slickers".

Yet he never dreamed duty would force him to run smack-dab into his first boyhood crush, former child star Lainey Neil. All grown up now, Lainey's no longer the chubby teen driven by her abusive father to attend "fat camp" at a Colorado horse ranch. She's a beautiful film star, and she's shocked to come face to face with Barrett, that unforgettable cowboy who taught her the grit she needed to survive her hellish childhood. Can a second chance at first love possibly blossom into forever love? Only destiny knows if Hollywood-style happy endings can turn out to be real...

My Review

This is the second book in this series. I enjoyed this book but not as much as the first one. Although, I love the location that this series takes place in...the Rocky Mountains. I might be a little bias as I live in the Rocky Mountains. Colorado has some of the best scenery around.

Barrett is used to being in charge but he meets his match with Lainey. She is feisty and used to having to prove herself in a male dominant world. I like that she put Barrett in his place a few times. Yet, I wouldn't mind having a guy like Barrett to help me. The chemistry that Barrett and Lainey shared was steamy. They were made for each other.

Author, Diane Reed engages me with her characters and stories. Plus, she has some of the best backdrop locations. You should check out this series. I can't wait to read the next book by this author.


Diane J. Reed said…
Thank you so much for your thoughtful review of Skystone Canyon!

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