Song of Isabel

Lady Isabel is just twelve years old when Lord Chetwynd rescues her from being raped by warriors in his company. When they meet eight years later, each has a good reason for entering an arranged marriage. Together, they embark on a perilous journey to the court of King Louis. On the way, danger from enemies on the journey brings them closer together; when they arrive at court, rivalry and intrigue nearly parts them. Ultimately, however, they survive these trials through their own native wit and charm―and gain new respect and love for one another.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. Author, Ida Curtis did transport me back in time. Instantly, Isabel won me over with her spunk. I love that her father may be a Lord and therefore making Isabel a proper lady but she is not afraid to dress like a servant. In fact, her best friend Emma comes from help.

Lord Chetwynd is more of the silent behind the scenes type of guy. He did not brag and was humble about his role in rescuing Isabel. However, don't let Chetwynd's quieter tone fool you. He is a leader and great protector. He really cared for Isabel. The sparks between them was steamy but not sizzling. Yet, this story was not just about Isabel and Chetwynd. The rest of the story was intriguing as well. In addition, it moved at a good pace the whole way through from start to end. A good read.

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