While They're Still Here

After a lifetime of strained bonds with her aging parents, Patricia Williams finds herself in the unexpected position of being their caregiver and neighbor. As they all begin to navigate this murky battleground, the long-buried issues that have divided their family for decades--alcoholism, infidelity, opposing politics--rear up and demand to be addressed head-on. 

 Williams answers the call of duty with trepidation at first, confronting the lines between service and servant, guardian and warden, while her parents alternately resist her help and wear her out. But by facing each new struggle with determination, grace, and courage, they ultimately emerge into a dynamic of greater transparency, mutual support, and teachable moments for all. Honest and humorous, graceful and grumbling, While They're Still Here is a poignant story about a family that waves the white flag and begins to heal old wounds as they guide each other through the most vulnerable chapter of their lives.

My Review

I have thought of the day that I will have to care for my parents but I hope that day is long aways away. Author, Patricia Williams shares the bad and the good times of being caretaker to her parents.

Reading this book, let me get a glimpse into Patricia and her parent's life. It was like I had known Patricia's parents for years. So, when they had "victories" I was smiling and happy for them. For example: Patricia's father could no longer be handy man around the house but he took it upon himself to construct a big dollhouse including painting it. The handy man who had come around to assist around the house, complimented Patricia's father on his work.

Additionally, I enjoyed the stories that Patricia's parents shared as they traveled down memory lane. As I read this book, again I can not help but imagine what that "someday" will be like for me and my parents. I enjoyed reading this memoir. If you don't take anything else away from this book, just remember that "always is not forever".

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