Lost in the Reflecting Pool

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When Diane, a psychologist, falls in love with Charles, a charming and brilliant psychiatrist, there is laughter and flowers--and also darkness. After moving through infertility treatments and the trials of the adoption process as a united front, the couple is ultimately successful in creating a family. As time goes on, however, Charles becomes increasingly critical and controlling, and Diane begins to feel barraged and battered. When she is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, Charles is initially there for her, but his attentiveness quickly vanishes and is replaced by withdrawal, anger, and unfathomable sadism. What Diane previously thought were just Charles' controlling ways are replaced by clear pathologic narcissism and emotional abuse that turns venomous at the very hour of her greatest need. A memoir and a psychological love story that is at times tender and at times horrifying, Lost in the Reflecting Pool is a chronicle of one woman's struggle to survive within--and ultimately break free of--a relationship with a man incapable of caring about anyone beyond himself.

My Review

Reading this book really makes me appreciate my husband. We may get on each other's nerves at times but he cares for me. I appreciate Diane sharing her story. In a way I would imagine that telling this story is freedom like a singer writing a song of heartbreak.

Diane went through a lot with infertility issues and than receiving a cancer diagnosis. I was shocked when Diane's former husband was unsupportive towards Diane's treatment and cancer recovery. However, the most shocking was when one day Charles tells Diane that he is tried of hearing about her cancer. Diane found her strength again to leave her husband and emerge a new, stronger person. Lost in a Reflecting Pool is a strong memoir that does not leave you sinking.

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