The Sixth Station is a thrill ride of a read!

Alessandra Russo is a newspaper report. She along with a bunch of other reporters are covering one of the biggest stories. Terrorist, Demiel ben Yusef is being tried at the United Nations. Upon his arrival Demiel stops right in front of Alessandra and kisses her. With just one kiss Alessandra’s life is changed forever. Now she is on the run.

Usually I try to stray away from books that focus mainly on religion and this also includes fiction books. One because I have my own beliefs and two because sometimes I found these types of books to be boring with too much detail spent on the explanations. This was not the case with this book. From the word “go” there was lots of high intensity action. Alessandra was a strong, female heroine. I even found the details about the religious aspects to be interesting.

An extra bonus was at the back of the book was a piece titled “Hard to Fathom Facts”. This is where Linda shared some true facts like for example fact: Father Heinrich Pfeiffer, official advisor for the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage, declared the Volto Santo in Manoppello to be the true image of Jesus. Looking forward to what Linda comes out with next. The Sixth Station is a thrill ride of a read!


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