The Geneva Option

Yael Azoulay works for the United Nations. Her job involves negotiating with the bad guys. Her current mission is with Jean-Pierre Hakizimani. Yael is making a deal with the devil. After her mission, Yael returns to visit a friend only to learn that she is dead. Yael learns that Jean-Pierre is involved. Yael decides to take matters into her own hands.

I like these types of books of espionage/international thriller. However I have strayed away from these books for a while. Only because the last few I read were just ok. Mr. Lebor has renewed my faith in this genre.

Yael is one of the coolest people that I have met. She really can kick butt. I like her take charge attitude. While I did like the other storyline involving the news reporter that was tying into the whole overall story, I did not connect with the other characters as much. None the less, I still enjoyed reading this book. There was lots of fast moving action to keep me interested until the end. This book is a fast read.


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