Sleight of Hand has made me an instant fan of his.

Charles Benedict is a criminal defense attorney, professional hit man and part-time magician. His newest client is billionaire Horace Blair. Horace has been arrested for murdering his wife. The murder is perfect as it comes right before Horace was to pay his wife for 10 years of marriage as part of their pre-nup.

Dana Cutler a private investigator has been contacted be a client who is trying to track down a priceless gold scepter. Dana’s investigation leads her to Charles.

I have not read any of Mr. Margolin’s books. Sleight of Hand has made me an instant fan of his. All of the characters were interesting. However the most intriguing people were Charles Benedict and Dana Cutler.

First I will start with Charles. Just the way he thought of things and was cool under pressure had me impressed. Also, his sleight of hand tricks were a nice touch to his character and added mystery to him.

Then there was Dana. She is very smart. Quick to think on her feet and has a good sense of humor. She put all the pieces of the puzzle together so quickly that it almost had my head spinning. I was like wow that is amazing. This book was not so much about the murder but more about the crime and all the ins and outs on how to possibly get away with the “perfect” crime. However during one of my crime shows I was watching on Identity Discovery (ID) Channel a detective said “There is no such thing as a perfect crime”. Sleight of Hand is a must, must read! Even a second and third read!


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