Stories In Uniform:A look at the Heroics, Laughs, and Sacrifices of Our Soldiers

Stories in Uniform is an excellent anthology of heroic stories. Stories of people who fight and survived and those who gave their lives for freedom. I have read the Reader’s Digest on and off. I like the stories featured in this magazine.

Even though these stories were short by just a few pages, they are still very emotional. I have to say one of my favorite stories not that it is easy to have a favorite when they are all good but still one that really put a smile on my face was a story featured in the Korean War. It is called 1000 men and a baby. It just goes to show you that even when there is a war going on that people can band together to save the innocent ones. Who grow up to never forget the ones who saved their lives. There were many times when I found myself teary-eyed. For anyone who like to read military stories then Stories in Uniform would make the perfect gift.


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