Grace is a good student and great daughter. Grace and her friend even made a pact that they would not have sex until college. So it came as a big surprise to Grace’s friend when she announces that she is pregnant.

The guy who got Grace pregnant wants nothing to do with Grace and neither do her parents. In fact her parents kick Grace out of the house. Luckily for Grace her neighbor takes her in. Grace also finds a potential love interest in her neighbor’s great nephew.

Screwed is the type of book that all teens should read. The readers will rally behind Grace and be cheering for her until the end. I know I was doing exactly this. What a courageous young woman Grace was. She had a steep hill to climb with being pregnant and homeless. Yet she found some good friends in her neighbor and her great nephew.

I could not believe what hypocrites Grace’s parents turned out to be. As the saying goes “He who has not committed sin shall cast the first stone”. I can guarantee you that Grace’s parents are not the perfect angels that they would like to think they are. This story had a great message as well. What I took from this book was to stay strong, you can get as many second chances as you need, there is always someone who has your back, and love does exist.


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