Monday, January 30, 2012

The Jerk Magnet

Sixteen year old Chelsea Martin’s life is about to get turned upside down. Chelsea’s father informs her that his job has transferred him and he is getting remarried. Chelsea wants to part of her dad’s plans and she especially does not want to get to know her soon to be step mother, Kate. Though, once Chelsea does get to know Kate she likes her. In fact, Kate takes Chelsea on a shopping spree for a new make over. The transformation is great. It seems that others have noticed Chelsea’s make over as well. The others being guys. Chelsea has never received so much attention from all these guys. This would not be such a bad thing if it weren’t for the simple fact that the guys are jerks!

The Jerk Magnet is book one of the Life at Kingston High series. I have read several books by this author. She writes for the young adult genre. I think that Melody does a good job portraying the emotions and what type of situations a teen goes though.

I felt bad for Chelsea. While, the make over her step mom gave her was nice, Chelsea was not ready for all the attention she received right away from the guys. Though, I thought Chelsea handled herself really well in these situations. She never flirted with the guys to lead them on. She was up front with them about just wanting to be friends. It was just that as the title of this book is called The Jerk Magnet; Chelsea could not help it that all the guys that hit on her were “jerks”. Reading this book, it is sad though that we as a society put so much emphasize on the outer appearance versus what someone is really like on the inside. This was a good book to start of this new series from author Melody Carlson.

“Available January 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blind Traveler’s Blues

Review by Nancy

Written a bit into the future, Blind Traveler’s Blues explores agri-science as it will be known. There is a corn plaque, casting millions in South America into starvation and death. The world is fraught with earthquakes, nearly daily and, depending on where you live, possibly great damage.

Douglas Abledan is taking his first vacation since being shot and blinded several years ago. He now uses all of his senses to survive and get around in the chaotic world we have become. He uses a sonic cane which leads him with vibrations. He can read Braille and major steps have been made to convenience folks with “issues” as Douglas has.

On the flight to Chicago, Douglas meets Dr. Cara Cordelia – a botanist heading up one group in a convention to try to find a cure for the corn disease. They hit it off and make plans to meet later after both are settled. She has tea on their flight to calm her nerves and Douglas enjoys the minty aroma. They part at the airport and plan to meet for supper the next day.
Between well-researched history, a great future plot and learning about possible advances in tech- nology you will fly through this book just like I did. Poison, murders, Mexican icons, a sonic cane – what ext??!

Robert P. Bennett
Issues of Disability
Author: The Blind Traveler Mysteries

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Holly! Love your emails. XOXO

I read this book back when it was in print format. It was hiliarous and I read half od the book in one sitting. Now you can check this book out for yourself as an electronic version is now available.

Purchase a copy here
Also check out the website for this book and you can read some of the emails there

So whom will you choose…Team Jasmine or Team Rachel? To cast your vote, pick up a copy of Sinners and Saints today!

Jasmine Larson Bush never imagined that she could become the first lady. The first lady of the American Baptist Coalition (ABC) that is. Her husband Hosea informs Jasmine that he has been nominated by the church to represent the North division for the ABC. Now all Jasmine can picture is all the things she will do once she is the first lady. Though, first her husband has to win and he is running against Rachel’s husband, Lester.

Rachel can not wait until she becomes the first lady. Than she can hang out with Michelle…Obama that is! Rachel knows she is the right woman for the job. Besides what type of woman is Jasmine that her secrets can by found on the website Dirt Diggers? When the current first lady of the ABC will not step down without a fight, will Jasmine and Rachel band together to take down the current first lady or will it be every woman for herself?

I read The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil by Ms. Murray and enjoyed it. So when I read about this collaboration she did with new to me author, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, I thought I would check it out. I am glad that I did. This book provided me with some good comedic relief. Something that I was not expecting but it was a nice surprise. Watching Jasmine and Rachel go after each other with their comments that usually included sharp thorns was funny. Both Ms. Murray and Ms. Billingsley did a good job with this book. I could not tell when one voice stopped and the next one started. My vote goes for Jasmine. I felt she was picked on the most and yet she was the nicest one. So whom will you choose…Team Jasmine or Team Rachel? To cast your vote, pick up a copy of Sinners and Saints today!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Look of Love is a nice cozy mystery. It serves up a nice slice of mystery and intrigue.

Piper Donovan is a cake maker. Piper receives a phone call from Jillian Abernathy. Jillian is the owner of Elysium, an exclusive spa. Jillian is getting married and wants Piper to make her wedding cake. Both Piper’s father and her good friend, Jack don’t think that Piper should take the job. It could be because someone does not want Jillian to get married. In fact, Jillian’s poor maid was the recipient of a face full of acid that was meant for Jillian. Despite all the warnings, Piper heads to Elysium.

The Look of Love is book two in the Wedding Cake Mysteries series. You do not have to read book one to jump right into this book. Piper is kind of like Nancy Drew. She always finds herself in the middle of trouble. One of the funniest moments was when Piper’s father a retired cop was sitting down with Piper going over the emergency kit, he had put together for Piper that included an acid protective apron, instructions on all the different acids and poisons there are and how to survive them.

I hope to see Piper and Jack’s relationship blossom more in the next book. They were separated in this book. I like Jack and think he is the perfect guy for Piper, though she does not want to admit it but I have a feeling she will sooner or later. The Look of Love is a nice cozy mystery. It serves up a nice slice of mystery and intrigue.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chasing Mona Lisa

Swiss OSS agents, Gabi Mueller and Eric Hofstadler are on a very important mission. They are to recover one of famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces…The Mona Lisa. Gabi and Eric must retrieve the Mona Lisa before the German’s take it and this piece of art is lost forever. Though, Gabi, Eric and the Germans are not the only ones interested in owing the famous lady. Reichsmarschall Hermann Goring also wants the smiling lady and will do everything in his powers to claim her.

I read The Swiss Courier by Goyer and Yorkey. I enjoyed that book. While, I did like this book as well, it had plenty of action and authenticity; there was just something about this book that I found myself not really getting into. I think it was the fact that even though the story moved along right from the beginning, the story did not feel like it really began until about mid way. Prior to that, it felt like a lot of dialect and set up to the story line. My favorite person was Gabi. She held her ground and was smart. She and Eric worked together well as a team. Goyer and Yorkey also worked well as a team. Though this is only their second book together, it seems like they have been writing as partners for years. I could not tell when one writer stopped and the other began.

“Available January 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Friday, January 20, 2012

American Sniper

I was interested to read this book because I am fascinated by war and the different military branches. While, I can understand there being secrecy to things that any military person is held to, when they come out of the military that they cannot share; I was still hoping that I would have gotten to experience more about what it was like to be a sniper in the military fighting our enemies.

I felt more like this biography was of Mr. Kyle’s life than of his career in the military as a sniper. There was some snippets of Mr. Kyle’s ability as a sniper but there were few and far between. It felt like this book was kind of censored. In fact, I started this book and than put it down and walked away form it for quite some time. I would pass it and think I need to pick this book up again and give it another try. I did give it another try but barely. I skimmed over Mr. Kyle’s personal story and after a while, I just went to the end of the book to see final thoughts. I can tell you that I did not miss much but skimming over the book. Not the best book to read if you are interested in the life of a sniper.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pelecanos’s most beloved character, Derek Strange, is back. It’s Washington, D.C. in 1972 and Strange has left the police department and set up shop as a private investigator. His former partner, Frank "Hound Dog" Vaughn, is still on the force. When a young woman comes to Strange asking for his help recovering a cheap ring she claims has sentimental value, the case leads him onto Vaughn's turf, where a local drug addict has been murdered, shot point-blank in his apartment. Soon both men are on the trail of a ruthless killer: Red Fury, so called for his looks and the car his girlfriend drives, but a name that fits his personality all too well. Red Fury doesn't have a retirement plan, as Vaughn points out - he doesn't care who he has to cross, or kill, to get what he wants. As the violence escalates and the stakes get higher, Strange and Vaughn know the only way to catch their man is to do it their own way. Rich with details of place and time - the cars, the music, the clothes - and fueled by non-stop action, WHAT IT WAS (Reagan Arthur Books/Back Bay Books; January 23, 2012; paperback, $9.99; ebook $.99 deluxe edition, $35) is Pelecanos writing in the hard-boiled noir style that won him his earliest fans and placed him firmly in the ranks of the top crime writers in America.

Reagan Arthur Books is releasing WHAT IT WAS with a special limited-time price promotion. The stand-alone title will be published on January 23, 2012, in three formats: a 99-cent ebook, a $9.99 trade paperback, and a limited-edition, signed and slip-cased hardcover for $35. The e-book price of 99 cents applies to preorders and purchases made within one month of publication; after that the e-book price will be $4.99. This is the first time that Little, Brown has published a new book at 99 cents.

Of the unusual pricing for an established novelist, Editorial Director and VP Reagan Arthur says "When George delivered a great new novel earlier than we expected, we saw an opportunity to build the excitement about his books by publishing WHAT IT WAS right away, off the list, and with packaging and pricing aimed at attracting new readers. George is one of the best-reviewed and most highly praised writers of suspense fiction today. What we’re hoping to get across with this publication is that he is also the most fun to read."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Calling all Fantasy readers!

Check out these beautiful book covers. The details just pop off the covers and the colors are eye catching. This is something that I have to give two thumbs up to Seventh Star Press, they sure do know how to create a book cover. Plus, they can produce some great books.

Seventh Star Press proudly announces the reissues of the first two books in The Brotherhood of Dwarves series, The Brotherhood of Dwarves, and Red Sky at Dawn.

To commemmorate the Seventh Star Press editions of these two titles, the publisher is offering special bundles that combine both the print and eBook versions of the books. Readers can get the first two books in this fashion, or a bundle of all three books in the series including the recently-released third title, The Fall of Dorkhun.

The Brotherhood of Dwarves and Red Sky at Dawn feature covers and illustrations from fantasy artist Bonnie Wasson. The latest artist to work with Seventh Star Press, Bonnie created and designed a new look for the first two titles that is consistent with the brand new third release.

The first two books were originally self-published by D.A. Adams and edited by Sherrie Shuler. They became strong sellers on the convention circuit and received a wave of positive reviews. The reissues were planned when D.A. came aboard Seventh Star Press for the release of his latest installment, The Fall of Dorkhun.

Living and working in East Tennessee, D. A. Adams is an established novelist, a farmer, and professor of English. He has contributed writing to literary and fine art publications, and maintains an active blog, entitled "The Ramblings of D. A. Adams".

Softcover and eBook formats will be available by mid-February, with a collectors' hardcover limited editions planned for mid-summer
Those wanting to pre-order one of the special softcover-eBook bundles should visit:

Updates and additional information can be obtained at the official site for Seventh Star Press, or at the author's site

Valentine Day Ideas-Showing Love and Hospitality to Others

Showing Love and Hospitality to Others

By Roxanne Packham, author of Inspired Design

Before we are inspired about how to show love to others, we must first ask why?

Quite simply it is because in Romans 12:10 & 13 we are told to be devoted to one another in brotherly love, to honor one another above ourselves. We are also told to share with God’s people who are in need and to Practice Hospitality. Notice the vocabulary: practice, not perfect.

In America, as a culture and as individuals, we are suffering in part because popular media gears everything to perfection. We are bombarded with messages that if we aren’t the very best at something, we just shouldn’t bother. We compare ourselves to others, rather than knowing our worth in God’s eyes.

I suffer from insecurity and wonder if I can be creative enough to inspire. Are my tips original? Are the photographs beautiful enough? Are my suggestions too simple for some, but too fancy for another? The problem: my thoughts revolve completely around me. My creativity, my skills, my ability. This is not about me but about God’s purpose for me. I suddenly realize the bigger picture; I can’t do it, but I can through Christ who strengthens me.

This dance in my mind between my preciousness in His sight and the enemy’s interjections has slowed me down at times, but God showed me this dance is the very reason for us to love others; to encourage each other. Because we are human we suffer from doubt, insecurity, and rejection of one sort or another. We are God’s tool to encourage others. God uses us as His hands to love others, but make no mistake it is His power, His grace and the Holy Spirit that do the real work, not ours.

God’s path of creativity in me began with a family history of silversmithing eight generations back, a degree from USC, design school in Paris, then design school in Los Angeles. Call them spiritual or otherwise, but they were the gifts God saw fit to give to me. Who am I to argue with my Creator? They are unique and I celebrate them. What are your magnificent and unique gifts that you can use to inspire others?

I do not want the gifts received as a blessing from God to “turn into spiritual dry rot,” as Ann Voscamp suggests in her book One Thousand Gifts, as the manna did when it was hoarded in Exodus 16:20. I want to use my blessings.

Inadequacies and all, imperfections and all: I want to inspire others to practice Hospitality and to LOVE others.

Creative Ways to Encourage Others on Valentine’s Day


A handwritten note with quotes, scriptures and words of encouragement is a wonderful thing to find in the mailbox.

Leave a sticky note on your child/husband’s pillow or be bold and write your note on the bathroom mirror or car window in red lipstick saying “I love you”.

Even an email just to say “thank you for your hard work, you bless me” can make a person’s day. A cute poem, scripture or old photograph will remind them they are remembered.

If someone has lost a loved one, kind words of some way that loved one inspired you to do something better will let them know that their loved one’s legacy is living on.


Take some time out of your days to meet someone for coffee, lunch, a long walk, or even just leave a phone message with a sweet sentiment. If you have more time, take a picnic basket to their home. Set up a lunch, tea or coffee, with all your tea cups and a candle. It is a lovely surprise! Just rinse when you finish and pack back up so they don’t even have to do dishes. They will have a lovely memory of a special time.


Hang flowers on the front door handle, leave a pretty tiny package in the mailbox with a beautiful red bow, or cookies delivered to the front door. Create a breakfast plate for your child that says you are special . This is especially significant if your child has struggled with something recently.


Of course this takes more time, but try for a beautiful table setting complete with candles, fresh greens or flowers and a lovely menu either handwritten or printed out on your computer. (Visit Roxanne’s Pinterest account, via the Inspired Design blog, for darling printouts, including gift tags, and much more.) Don’t concentrate on the gourmet or complicated quality of the meal: remember it is about relationship and encouragement!


A beautiful table for Valentine’s simply consists of reds, pinks and perhaps some purple. (Although it could be beautiful in all white too.) Of course, it has to have some hearts and some colorful candles. Leave kind words of some sort on each place setting. Every Valentine’s table should have its share of sparkle, of course!

Visit Roxanne Packham’s blog at

for more pictures and Inspired Design ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calling all Dungeons and Dragons Fans!!

The New York Times is reporting today that the most popular and enduring roleplaying game of all time is set for yet another makeover. Even though a new edition of D&D was released in 2008, Wizards of the Coast is set to release a 5th edition. However, unlike the controversial 4th edition of the game, this time the Dungeon Masters at Wizard of the Coast are asking for fan input!

According to Liz Schuh, director of publishing and licensing for Dungeons & Dragons:

“We’re really lucky that we have such passionate fans and we anticipate they’ll roll up their sleeves and help us in this effort.”

A testing period will be open for a significant amount of time after the new editions is finalized a move the powers at Wizard of the Coast are hoping will assuage any fan fears of over-simplified rules or any other emphasis that might perceive as being wrong. Specifically, this new effort is centered around the notion for face-to-face interaction between gamers in a traditional tabletop play environment. James W. Ward, the former vice president of TSR Inc. (the originator of D&D) had this to say on the virtual versus live gameplay:

“The fun of growing a character while your friends do the same thing around a table munching on M&M’s and other snacks is difficult to duplicate.”

Schuh agrees, asserting that the company is “absolutely committed to core tabletop game-play because “People want that face-to-face experience."

Head over to the official D&D website for more information on how you can be part of this new edition and check out this article on the whole process over on The Art Order.

Free Books

I am a newsletter subscriber to author, Gemma Halliday and I wanted to share this news with you

To kick off 2012 I’m giving away FREE books for EVERYONE all month long!

This month I’ll be giving away the entire Hollywood Headlines series for FREE (yes, absolutely free, no strings attached, no contest to enter) on Amazon Kindle, starting with book #1 Hollywood Scandals. Here’s the freebie schedule:

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Book Contests

The House at Sea's End by Elly Griffiths
Fiction / 384 pages / Hardcover
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt /
January, 2012

Dear Reader,

The day my husband gave up work turned out to be a good one for our family. Five years ago Andy gave up a city job to become an archaeologist. Money was tight so, instead of exotic holidays, we took the children to Norfolk, England, where I had holidayed as a child. And it was there that Andy's new career gave me the idea for my first crime novel.

We were walking a marsh on the North Norfolk coast when Andy mentioned that prehistoric man had seen marshland as sacred. Because it's neither land nor sea, but something in-between, they had seen it as a kind of bridge to the afterlife. The entire plot for The Crossing Places came to me in that instant.

His work on a Roman villa gave me the idea for The Janus Stone and his excavation of a beach threatened by erosion gave me the location for my new book, The House at Sea's End.

The books mix archaeology and crime and feature forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway. I do hope you enjoy them!

Very best wishes,



About The House at Sea's End:

Forensic archeologist Dr. Ruth Galloway is back, called in to investigate bones that surface on a remote Norfolk beach and a gruesome World War II war crime.

Just back from maternity leave, Ruth is finding it hard to juggle motherhood and work. The presence of Detective Inspector Harry Nelson -- the married father of her daughter, Kate -- does not help. The bones turn out to be about seventy years old, which leads Nelson and Ruth to the war years, a desperate time on this stretch of coastland. Home Guard veteran Archie Whitcliffe reveals the existence of a secret that the old soldiers have vowed to protect with their lives. But then Archie is killed and a German journalist arrives, asking questions about Operation Lucifer, a plan to stop a German invasion, and a possible British war crime. What was Operation Lucifer? And who is prepared to kill to keep its secret?

Reviews for The House at Sea's End:

"Galloway is an everywoman, smart, successful and a little bit unsure of herself. Readers will look forward to learning more about her."
-USA Today

"Expect to be swept away by Griffith's third compelling forensic anthropology entry (after The Crossing Places and The Janus Stone). The author is a past Mary Higgins Clark Award winner, and her gothic, romantic-suspense workmanship is superb."
-Library Journal (starred review)

For more information about Elly Griffiths, visit her website.

Our Man in the Dark by Rashad Harrison Fiction / 320 pages / Hardcover Atria/Simon & Schuster/
November, 2011

Dear Reader,

Our Man in the Dark began as a search for answers: Why would an accountant working for Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) embezzle $10,000 from the organization, and become an informant for the FBI? Ultimately, this search challenged my preconceptions about race and loyalty. What echoed in the spaces left by my abandoned presumptions was the voice of John Estem.

There I discovered a marginalized individual desperate to define himself within the larger American narrative, a lonely man longing to matter.

Desperation. Longing. Disillusionment. These are essential ingredients of Noir storytelling. This also mirrors the experience of not only John Estem, but of so many African-Americans at that time. By participating in Hoover's sinister campaign against Martin Luther King, Estem leads himself down a very dark path. His story is one of greed, lust and power; it's America's story -- told from the shadows.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy.

Best regards,

Rashad Harrison


About Our Man in the Dark:

A stunning debut historical noir novel about a worker in the civil rights movement who became an informant for the FBI during the months leading up to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Feeling unappreciated and overlooked, John Estem, a bookkeeper for Martin Luther King's Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), steals ten thousand dollars from the organization.

To the bookkeeper's dismay, the FBI has been keeping close tabs on Dr. King and his fellow activists -- including Estem -- for years. FBI agents tell Estem that it is his duty, as an American and as a civil rights supporter, to protect the SCLC from communist infiltration.

Playing informant empowers Estem, but he soon learns that his job is not simply to relay information on the organization. The FBI discovers evidence of King's sexual infidelities, and sets out to undermine King's credibility as a moral leader.

This timely novel comes in light of recent revelations that government informants had infiltrated numerous black movement organizations. With historical facts at the core of Our Man in the Dark, Harrison uses real life as a great inspiration for his drama-filled art.

Reviews for Our Man in the Dark:

"...taking artistic license with the memory of the civil rights icon is risky business. But Rashad Harrison deftly negotiates this challenge in his first novel, Our Man in the Dark. ...what sets the novel apart is Harrison's clear-eyed treatment of Martin Luther King Jr. Rather than an exercise in hero-making, Harrison's MLK is thoroughly human."
-Washington Post

"Our Man in the Dark is an amazing story, amazingly told. Intrigue and sadness, race and Government, Dr. King and the FBI, foibles and loyalties -- this is an ambitious novel that wraps its powerful arms around what it means to be an American. Bold, rhapsodic, and daring, Rashad Harrison has written a morally-engaged masterpiece."
-Author Darin Strauss

For more information about Rashad Harrison, visit his website or his Facebook or Twitter page.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sourcebook Ebook Sale!

The Lady of the Storm by Kathryne Kennedy

Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/10/2012 – 2/6/2012)

Fantasy Romance

There’s a thin line between duty and desire…

Giles Beaumont is stuck in a role he never wanted, trying to safeguard a woman of incendiary powers who doesn’t think she needs a protector.

Cecily Sutton has no idea of the enormity of her true task and no inkling of the effect she’s having on Giles. But somewhere along their perilous journey together, they’ll have no choice but to uncover the deep, dark connection that binds them one to the other…

Lose yourself in renowned author Kathryne Kennedy’s gorgeous love story set in a lush world made of equal parts wonder and danger.

Kathryn Kennedy's thrilling conclusion to the Elven Lords Series, The Lord of Illusion, releases in February. Check out The Lady of the Storm first!

Warrior by Cheryl Brooks

Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/24/2012 – 2/6/2012)

Sci Fi Romance

“He came to me in the dead of winter, his body burning with fever.”

Even near death, his sensuality is amazing...

Leo arrives on Tisana's doorstep a beaten slave from a near-extinct race with feline genes. As soon as Leo recovers his strength, he'll use his extraordinary sexual talents to bewitch Tisana and make a bolt for freedom...

She has only one chance to tame him...

Tisana, whose healing powers are legendary, already knows Leo's the one who can help her fulfill her destiny... she can't let him get away now. Forced together on a dangerous journey, Tisana must reveal all of her powers, and Leo must give all of himself to gain his freedom...

Cheryl Brooks’ new book Stud, Book 8 in the Cat Star Chronicles, releases in February! Visit her captivating world with Warrior!

The Making of a Duchess by Shana Galen
Promotional Price: $1.99 (1/10/2012 – 2/6/2012)

Regency/Adventure Romance

A very dangerous attraction…

Julien Harcourt, duc de Valère, is more than willing to marry the lovely young lady his mother has chosen. Little does he know, she’s been sent to prove him a spy and a traitor…

And an even more dangerous secret…

Sarah Smith’s mission is to find out whether the Duc’s trips to the Continent are as innocent as he claims, but the way he looks at her is far from innocent…

Their risky game of cat and mouse propels them from the ballrooms of London to the prisons of Paris, and into a fragile love that may not survive their deceptions…

Shana Galen’s new book and highly-anticipated conclusion to the Sons of the Revolution Trilogy, The Rogue Pirate’s Bride, will be available in February!

Read more about these deals here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lifting the Wheel of Karma

Review by Nancy

Joseph needed to heal himself. It may not have been possible at the time to heal his physical injuries but mentally and physically he needed to get with it or he would pass on. Joseph was a troubled child that grew into a troubled young man, with nightmares that would keep him from falling into a deep sleep.

Warriors trying to kill him, horses, and people all putting Joseph’s life in peril. Joseph works out daily. He was strong and healthy…physically. He was a feared Karate champion and was at the top of his game until his last tournament where he lost miserably. As if the embarrassment of losing wasn’t enough, he was involved in a horrible truck crash on the way home.

In a coma, Joseph tries to fight through the haze until he succeeds; Joseph awakes but ends up leaving in a wheelchair that will be his life’s companion. He remembers a man he spoke with in the locker room before and after his match. His name is Lahiri. Somehow, Joseph feels a need to search for this man. So Joseph and his older brother set off to do just that.

Lahiri lives in the Himalayas of India and the trek just to find him is a test of will. How he impacts Joseph’s life (and vice-versa) is a tale of thought, need, and, yes, Karma that the two are together now.

Paul H Magid was paralyzed from the neck down in a spinal accident and eventually made a full recovery, although he had to deal with several other issues along the way. It is his fate to pass this beautiful story on to us and it is our fate to receive it with open arms.

Purchase a copy of the book here

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Monster of Silver Creek

Review by Nancy

Nathan Sommers had great intentions when he allowed himself to be convinced to move to Silver Creek by his wife. She was expecting, wanted to be “home”, all the usual. He was in love with Jennifer and would move earth to make her happy. Nathan tried to stop Jennifer from leaving but she wouldn’t listen. She drove off and ended up wrapping her car around a tree, killing herself and her unborn child.

The fact that the Mayor of Silver Creek was Jennifer’s father didn’t help things any. Nathan could do nothing right and was thinking of leaving when the killings began. All alike in pattern, two punctures, 3” apart on each female victim. That is the only clue to soloving the murders. This was not good as the Mayor is getting very testy for an arrest.

Nathan and his team were doing all that they could withint their powers. It was hard what with keeping up on all the other reports like the usual cat-up-a-tree reports, drunks wandering in the streets and the new bakery owner’s cat getting eaten by her neighbor’s dog. (She was NOT happy!) (Dog was!!) Nathan and his deputy, Jake, don’t need anything to get in their way.

WARNING! This is a great book. But don’t plan on reading just a little bit to put yourself to sleep. It won’t work. You’ll be up until 2:30 a.m like I was today finishing it! Ms. Buchanan is a good, storyteller. Her plots are well thought out. The “Who” will amaze you and the ending……well, let’s just leave it at that.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Coco Guthrie is the owner of Butt B Gone. It is as you can guess from the name a butt cream for ridding you of your junk in the trunk. Coco is talked into attending a Halloween costume party. She goes as Sarah Palin. It seems that Coco was not the only one who decided to dress as Sarah. She is met face to face with three other Sarah’s. The others just so happen to attend the same yoga class that Coco does. They form a friendship. Coco and the other Sarahs decide to go over next store to the mayor’s house for a look. The women get more than they bargain for. They spot the mayor wrapping a woman’s body up in a rug. Now the women must try to keep themselves out of hot water before they end up wrapped in a rug themselves.

I thought this book sounded like a fun read. I was sure that I would find some laughs, which was what I wanted. While I did laugh a few times, I also found myself quickly getting turned off by the characters. In fact, I read a few chapters of this book during lunch and put it down. I only read about a third of this book and was done with it. This book could have been better, if the characters were not so stereo-typical and the story line weak. Another fact that I was disappointed in was that I thought this book was going to incorporate yoga I into it more than it did. There was just mention that the reason all of the characters became bonded with each other was because they all attended the same yoga class but that was about it. Overall, I was not impressed by this book and you should not waste your time or money either.