American Sniper

I was interested to read this book because I am fascinated by war and the different military branches. While, I can understand there being secrecy to things that any military person is held to, when they come out of the military that they cannot share; I was still hoping that I would have gotten to experience more about what it was like to be a sniper in the military fighting our enemies.

I felt more like this biography was of Mr. Kyle’s life than of his career in the military as a sniper. There was some snippets of Mr. Kyle’s ability as a sniper but there were few and far between. It felt like this book was kind of censored. In fact, I started this book and than put it down and walked away form it for quite some time. I would pass it and think I need to pick this book up again and give it another try. I did give it another try but barely. I skimmed over Mr. Kyle’s personal story and after a while, I just went to the end of the book to see final thoughts. I can tell you that I did not miss much but skimming over the book. Not the best book to read if you are interested in the life of a sniper.


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