Coco Guthrie is the owner of Butt B Gone. It is as you can guess from the name a butt cream for ridding you of your junk in the trunk. Coco is talked into attending a Halloween costume party. She goes as Sarah Palin. It seems that Coco was not the only one who decided to dress as Sarah. She is met face to face with three other Sarah’s. The others just so happen to attend the same yoga class that Coco does. They form a friendship. Coco and the other Sarahs decide to go over next store to the mayor’s house for a look. The women get more than they bargain for. They spot the mayor wrapping a woman’s body up in a rug. Now the women must try to keep themselves out of hot water before they end up wrapped in a rug themselves.

I thought this book sounded like a fun read. I was sure that I would find some laughs, which was what I wanted. While I did laugh a few times, I also found myself quickly getting turned off by the characters. In fact, I read a few chapters of this book during lunch and put it down. I only read about a third of this book and was done with it. This book could have been better, if the characters were not so stereo-typical and the story line weak. Another fact that I was disappointed in was that I thought this book was going to incorporate yoga I into it more than it did. There was just mention that the reason all of the characters became bonded with each other was because they all attended the same yoga class but that was about it. Overall, I was not impressed by this book and you should not waste your time or money either.


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