The Jerk Magnet

Sixteen year old Chelsea Martin’s life is about to get turned upside down. Chelsea’s father informs her that his job has transferred him and he is getting remarried. Chelsea wants to part of her dad’s plans and she especially does not want to get to know her soon to be step mother, Kate. Though, once Chelsea does get to know Kate she likes her. In fact, Kate takes Chelsea on a shopping spree for a new make over. The transformation is great. It seems that others have noticed Chelsea’s make over as well. The others being guys. Chelsea has never received so much attention from all these guys. This would not be such a bad thing if it weren’t for the simple fact that the guys are jerks!

The Jerk Magnet is book one of the Life at Kingston High series. I have read several books by this author. She writes for the young adult genre. I think that Melody does a good job portraying the emotions and what type of situations a teen goes though.

I felt bad for Chelsea. While, the make over her step mom gave her was nice, Chelsea was not ready for all the attention she received right away from the guys. Though, I thought Chelsea handled herself really well in these situations. She never flirted with the guys to lead them on. She was up front with them about just wanting to be friends. It was just that as the title of this book is called The Jerk Magnet; Chelsea could not help it that all the guys that hit on her were “jerks”. Reading this book, it is sad though that we as a society put so much emphasize on the outer appearance versus what someone is really like on the inside. This was a good book to start of this new series from author Melody Carlson.

“Available January 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”


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