Learning to Swim is a nail-bitter, edge of your seat, breath of fresh air!

Troy Chance was on the late ferry on Lake Champlain to Vermont. There were very few people on the ferry and most of them were indoors. Out of the corner of Tory’s vision, she sees a movement. Someone fell into the water from the other ferry. Without a second thought, Troy jumps into the lake after the item. For all Tory could know, the item could end up to be someone’s trash that they did not want to recycle.

Tory swims to the last location where she saw the item being thrown in. To her surprise, the item ends up being a little boy. Troy rescues the boy. The boy speaks French and very little English. The boy is silent for the most part except to say his name is Paul. When Troy digs into who would throw a little boy over a ferry, she ends up uncovering something way bigger than herself.

Learning to Swim is the debut novel form author, Sara J. Henry. I have to tell you that this book far exceeded my expectations…twice over! I was hooked right from the beginning. The moment Troy jumped into the water; I knew that I was in for the long haul. Paul was an interesting character. His silence spoke louder than his words. He seemed so much wiser than his young years. I like that Troy was a strong, independent woman. She could have just given up and let the police handle Paul but she decided to take matters into her own hands. There was enough mystery and intrigue to make a thriller/suspense fan like me very pleased. Learning to Swim is a nail-bitter, edge of your seat, breath of fresh air! I am keeping my eyes on Ms. Henry and what she comes out with next.


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