I was horrified, memorized, and almost afraid to go to sleep…all thanks to The Impaler!

There is a serial killer on the loose. Someone is killing men and leaving them staked through the body into the ground for all to see and a message written on one of the bodies that says “I have returned”.

There is only one man perfect for stopping a serial killer. He is FBI Agent Sam Markham. Sam stopped The Sculptor, in the first book. Though, The Impaler is a different beast of his own. Sam has never seen anything like what he has witnessed with this latest victim. The deeper Sam investigates, the clearer the Impaler’s plan becomes. Will Sam be able to stop the killings before the Impaler claims him as his final victim?

The Impaler is the most recent novel from author, Gregory Funaro. Now having read The Sculptor and now The Impaler, I can say with 100% confidence that I am truly a fan of Mr. Funaro. I really like Sam. He has a great eye for detail that even I did not catch until he starts going with his leads. What I enjoy the most is that Sam and which ever killer he is facing next, are evenly matched. There is a method to both the Sculptor and the Impaler’s madness. They take their jobs seriously and turn it into an art form. The Impaler made his presence known all the way through this book. I do admit that I thought the ending of the final battle could have been better but still, I enjoyed this book a lot. I was horrified, memorized, and almost afraid to go to sleep…all thanks to The Impaler!


Marce said…
Great review, I enjoyed the Sculptor also, definitely going to download this one.

Horrified Cheryl, yaaaay, I am excited.
Cheryl said…
Marce- You are going to enjoy this book. Yeah, it is not often that I use the word horrified to describe a book

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