FBI agent Heather Wallace has just received the most shocking surprise of her life…she has been betrayed by someone very close to her. This person feels that Heather’s relationship with Dante Baptiste is bad news.

Dante is on a mission to rescue Heather and Lucien from Gehenna. It won’t be easy. There are others who have other plans for Dante. The only plan Dante has is to protect Heather.

Etched in Bone is book four in the Maker’s Song series. This is the first book I have read in this series. Though it is not the first book I have read by Adrian Phoenix. I must admit that I like Ms. Phoenix’s new series a bit better. That series starts off with Black Dust Mambo. This book just did not do it for me as I had hoped it would. It seems like this is the type of series that you would better benefit from by reading the books in order, so that you can become attached to the characters. To me the fact that the book started out like it had picked up from the last book did not bother me, so much as I was not fully invested in the characters and thus, struggled in the first half to stick with this book. Once I got where I felt the story really picked up, I found this book to be dark and full of action. There is some cursing used be the characters. Unfortunately, this book did not leave a lasting impression on me


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