Be prepared to lose track of time as The Night Season draw you in!

Famous female serial killer, Gretchen Lowell has been arrested for the second time. It does not look good for Gretchen this time. Meanwhile, Archie has been seeing a psychiatrist and been staying off the prescription medications for a while now. Archie is actually communicating and working with his co-workers again.

Susan Ward works as a reporter for The Herald. Now that anyone is counting but she and Archie have saved each other’s lives a few too many times. You could almost call Susan and Archie mutual friends. Now when there is a murder, Archie gives Susan the scoop. Like this latest murder. What at first seemed like a drowning has turned into a murder. A woman’s body was found. It seems that she was poisoned. Before Archie can figure out the answers to the questions…who, what and why…another body is found. Can Archie stop the killer before it is too late?

The Night Season is the latest offering from author, Chelsea Cain. While, I am a fan of Mrs. Cain and have been since day one, I realized just how much I missed Gretchen and a big presence she makes in these books. Though, I did enjoy getting to know Archie better as well as some of the other characters. Archie showed some real backbone in this book. Susan was a nice addition. I briefly got to know here in the prior novels but this time I really got to become familiar with her and I loved her. She is full of spunk and determination. She reminds me a bit of Nancy Drew. The killer in this book made more of a quieter presence. Though, trying to follow after Gretchen is a difficult feat to live up to. This book was a good thriller. I can not wait to read the next one. Be prepared to lose track of time as The Night Season draw you in!


Marce said…
I have got to read the series, I have only read Heartsick but want to read Sweetheart.

Great review.

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