The Lucifer Code is a wild, ride…filled with thrill and intrigue

Dr. Thomas Lourds has just arrived in Istanbul, Turkey. He is there to teach at the Istanbul University. Dr. Lourds is greeted by a sexy, red head at the airport. Before Dr. Lourds knows what is happening, he is kidnapped.

CIA Special Agent James Dawson has a mess on his hands. The plan was to get Dr. Lourds…quickly in and quickly out. Someone else beat the CIA to the punch. That someone else appears to be the Irish Republican Army.

Everyone wants Dr. Lourds. There is an ancient scroll that was written by John of Patmos. John also wrote the Book of Revelation in the Bible. It is said that whoever can decipher the scroll can gain ultimate power. Dr. Lourds will have to watch his back as you never know who is friend or foe.

The Lucifer Code is the latest Dr. Thomas Lourds novel. It can be read as a stand alone novel. The Lucifer Code is a wild, ride…filled with thrill and intrigue. I was hooked right from the beginning. There was lots of action and mystery. Dr. Lourds is a good main character. At first he seems a bit dorky but he is really intelligent and a fighter. There were some religious references but I thought that the balance was nicely done. I could picture this book being made into a movie. I would definitely pay to go watch it on the big screen. Several of the reviews I read saw that people really enjoyed The Atlantis Code. I plan to check the book out as I did like The Lucifer Code.


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