City of Tranquil Light does tell a story of love, loss, change and hope.

When Will Kiehn was a young man, his family was visited by Edward Geisler. Edward is part of the China Mennonite Missionary Society. Edward shares about his latest trip in China and the goals of the Society. Will gets inspired by Edward. When it is time for Edward to return back to Kuang P’ing Ch’eng “City of Tranquil Light”, China; Will announces that he will be going with Edward.

Edward introduces Will to Katherine Friesen, a nurse and Edward’s sister in law. Katherine will be joining them on the trip. As time passes, Will and Katherine become close. They eventually get married. Will and Katherine embrace the culture of China and love what they do. They love it so much that Will and Katherine end up living in China for twenty five years.

City of Tranquil Light does tell a story of love, loss, change and hope. Mrs. Caldwell incorporated facts from her own grand parents’ experiences into this book. I really gravitated to Will. He was a great story teller. Everything that Will experienced, I felt like I was experiencing it too, though Will’s eyes. Katherine would have been forgotten if it was not for her journal entries. What Will, Katherine, Edward and other missionaries do is wonderful work. I thought that City of Tranquil Light portrayed a nice job of China, the people there and missionaries.


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