Dewey's Nine Lives

The first book featuring Dewey, the cat that won millions of readers over was such a huge success that author Vicki Myron was not planning on writing another book but knew she could not just leave readers hanging. This time as most of Dewey’s story was told in the first book, Mrs. Myron decided to show case nine stories from readers and their cats.

The stories were endearing and some sad. It was nice to get to read about other readers’ stories and to get to know their cats. Cats like any other animal are people in my eyes too. While, I thought the stories featured were interesting I never fully became immerged into the stories. Though, I can assure you that I will never forget Mr. Sir Bob Kittens, Spooky, Cookie and all the rest of the cats. The pictures of the cats are great. There is one thing about this book and that is Dewey and his magic lives on in all of us.

Additionally, if the stories of Dewey's Nine Lives remind you of a cat you know or have known, Penguin USA and Vicki Myron would like to hear your true tales. You can enter for an opportunity to have your story published in the paperback edition of Dewey's Nine Lives by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter, and receive a signed copy of the book. The story contest and enter your cat picture promotion is now live on:

More information about Vicki, Dewey, and the books can be found online at: and You can view a trailer at: and find a Dewey community on Facebook at:


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