Fans of Harry Potter will be enthralled by The Jumper Chronicles

When Charlie was just a baby, his father disappeared leaving his mother to raise him. Flash forward to the present. Charlie is celebrating his twelve birthday. While ice skating at the pond with his best friend, Bailey; Charlie spots a strange old man watching them. Charlie and Bailey arrive back at his house to find both Charlie and Bailey's mothers talking to the same man at the pond. The old man introduces himself as Professor Henry Grayson. Grayson is Headmaster at the Thornfield School for the Gifted. Professor Grayson informs Charlie and Bailey that they must come with him as the enemies have found them.

Back at the Thornfield, Charlie and Bailey meet other children with special abilities like them. It is at Thornfield that Charlie learns who he really he. During a visit back home, Charlie finds a letter written by his father. In the letter his father talks about Merlin and a object that he hid in between the passage of time. Charlie, Bailey and a few friends must find the object before the evil, Vali can get his hands on it.

The Jumper Chronicles: Quest for Merlin's Map is book one in the Jumper series. The set up at the beginning of this book really got me excited for what was to come. Charlie and Bailey were relatable. I could see young adults cheering for Charlie and Bailey. Other than having special abilities, they are like any other young adult. They like to have fun, make friends and love a good adventure. There was not a dull moment to be found in this book. All of the different characters in this book was cool. The person that surprised me the most was Joelle, the were cat. I was not expecting this. I don't want to give too much away, so if you want to know more about Charlie, Bailey and all their other friends then you should check out this book. Both young and old, fans of Harry Potter will be enthralled by The Jumper Chronicles as well as Charlie and Bailey.


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