Strange Neighbors

Merry MacKenzie to prove to her overprotective father that she is not his little girl anymore. She moves out and into an apartment building. It just so happens that Merry’s land lord is Jason Falco. Jason is a pitcher for the Boston Bullets.

The first time Jason lays eyes on Merry, he is speechless. He asks Merry out on a date and is turned down. No one has ever said no to Jason until now. Jason is impressed by Merry. She does not seem to be interested in Jason for his celebrity status but for him as a man. If Merry and Jason want any time alone…good luck. First there is Jason’s noisy, Aunt Dottie, then there is Chad, a ghost haunting the building, Sly, the vampire who lives in the basement, Konrad, the werewolf and a bunch of other crazy and kooky characters.

Strange Neighbors is a wild and hilarious read. You will want to read this book over and over and over again. Ashlyn Chase scores big. Fans of paranormal will enjoy this book. There were just too many great characters to choose a favorite from Merry’s naive ness to her neighbors, Aunt Dottie getting into everyone’s business, Chad’s sarcastic attitude, and everyone else in between. I had a blast reading this book. It has been a long time since I can say this about a book. Strange Neighbors is a must read.


A Musing Mother said…
Sad thing is that this just smacks of my own neighbors. I don't think they are vampires but...

they are strange, indeed.
Ashlyn Chase said…
ROFL, Mother!

We all have someone in our neighborhood we wonder about, right? I think some of the neighbors think I'm the strange one! LOL.

We call the neighbors two houses down the vampires. They have their windows covered all the time and we never see them during the day!

Ashlyn Chase said…
And Cheryl,

Thanks so much for the awesome review! I could kiss you (but I don't know where you live. Better keep it that way.) LOL

Cheryl said…
Mother - Boy I thought I had some strange neighbors. You better watch out.

Ash - I am so happy that you liked my review. It was a delight to read this book.

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