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Timely Political Saga Thrills and Educates Readers

Orem, UT - June 2, 2010 - Debut author Donald B. Anderson has tapped into a hotbed of sentiment across the nation with his educational political thriller, Hanging by The Thread.

In the novel, a secret society has grown in power for ten years. They seek total control of the nation. They call themselves The Thread. Their members have infiltrated every federal agency and are woven throughout the fabric of society. They now have tremendous influence over laws, national policy, and government technologies.

To assume power, The Thread must destroy the Constitution. To prepare the nation for their rise, The Thread has sought to destroy economic freedom, create extreme dependency, and amass power to the federal government.

But on the eve of their burst into power, a copy of their plan falls into the hands of a young man in Utah. A small group forms, comes to understand the plan of The Thread, and struggles to preserve their lives, their nation, and freedom itself.

Donald B. Anderson deftly weaves the principles of freedom into this twenty-four hour thrill ride. But the educational power of this book lies largely in the appendix. In the appendix, Dr. Harold Isaacson (a key character) delivers a series of lectures four months after the conclusion of the story. In these lectures, the professor teaches about economic freedom and its relationship to human happiness.

About the book:

Hanging by The Thread by Donald Anderson

ISBN: 978-1-59936-056-0

Publisher: Stone Haven (An imprint of Granite Publishing )

Date of publish: May 7, 2010

Pages: 382

S.R.P.: $18.95

About the author:

Anderson is an educator and father of five little children. He has a Bachelor's degree in business and a Master's in Social Science with an Emphasis in Public Administration. He resides in Millville, Utah

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