Lucky in Shamrock Texas

Carol works as a waitress at the U-Drop Inn in the town of Shamrock, Texas. This town has been anything but lucky for Carol. Carol wants more out of life. She is so tried of being stuck in Shamrock.

Pete Bowler rolls into town. He is passing by Shamrock on his cross country trip along Route 66. Pete decides to stay for a few days and see what the St. Patty’s Day festivities are all about.

Carol shows Pete around. She re-discovers Shamrock through Pete’s eyes and it is beautiful but will Pete stay or leave?

Lucky in Shamrock Texas is a fun, fast-paced read. For a short novel, it reads like a full length novel. Carol was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks but who was a little lost and needed to find her way back home. Pete is so nice. I thought that Pete and Carol made a sweet couple. The romance is on the light side in this book. I like the way that everything was described in detail as Pete saw it. Lucky in Shamrock Texas is lucky.

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Linda Jacobs said…
Sounds like a nice, beach read!

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