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Making A Family Home: A Guide to Making a House a Home in the Modern World

Austin, TX - June 1, 2010 - The world is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Texts, tweets, Facebook, ichat, create a whirlwind of constant communication and all too often, a frenzied approach to the day.

Children are no exception, they've caught on and more times than not, it's the iPhone they're wishing for not the Legos. With parents and children swept up by the new fads in technology it's easy to lose the calmness and peace once enjoyed in the comforts of home.

Thankfully parents are starting to pull back and are realizing the lasting benefits in embracing a slower approach to family and home. The movement toward simplicity and a home inspiring imagination, intellect and insight is the key the foundation for creating a loving family environment.

With her new book, Making a Family Home, Austin-based author Shannon Honeybloom reveals the enriching effects of a home focused around imagination, love, comfort and ease of just being with each other.

Filled with stunning photographs, Honeybloom's book has been compared to a perfect cross between simple abundance decorating and Deepak Chopra meditative living.

Room-by-room Honeybloom shares her favorite ways of adding layers of warmth and comfort by way of modern décor with a mindful use of traditional style and always incorporating ways to increase childhood development.

Honeybloom's book inspires and helps cultivate a nurturing home as the foundation for creating a loving family environment. For children, it's not about the multiple after-school programs, educational videos or money, it's about a healthy, calm home. Getting back to basics is at the forefront of her book.

As a mother, former educator, actress, screenwriter and author, Honeybloom is well aware of the modern day woman and what it takes to make it all happen.

Getting things done quickly and effectively are part of the game but when it comes to her family and her home, there is more simple approach she finds important.

About the book:

Making a Family Home by Shannon Honeybloom

ISBN: 978-0880107020

Publisher: Steinerbooks

Date of publish: January 2010

Pages: 90

S.R.P.: $20.00

About the Author:

Shannon Honeybloom earned her M.A. in Literary Cultures from New York University and an M.S. in Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College.

During graduate school she began an academic study of domestic arts, which provided the foundation for Making a Family Home. In addition, Honeybloom's original screenplay Borders was a finalist in the 2009 International Cinema City Film Festival in Los Angeles. She is currently working on her second screenplay and novel, and lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and her three children.

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