Lynxsabder "Lynx" Dackelov has been sold into slavery to a bunch of women. What you would think at first would be any guy's dream come true has turned into a nightmare for Lynx. He was starved, abused, laughed at, and worse of all...used till he couldn't get it up anymore. Lynx's only reprieve was when he was later sold to men but Lynx could never get the sound of women laughing out of his head. Because of his experiences with women. Lynx no longer wants anything to do with them.

Bonnie Neurath lives on Terra Minor, where she runs a farm. Bonnie never pictures herself managing a farm. Everything would have been just fine if the man Bonnie was with hadn't run off and left her pregnant and alone. That is ok because Bonnie is through with men for good. As much as Bonnie don't want to admit it though she could really use an extra pair of hands with all the chores.

Lynx had it all planned out that when he arrived on Terra Minor that he would get a job working at the mines but plans change. When Lynx arrives, he is informed that there are currently no openings at the mines but there is an opening as a farm hand. It is either that or be shipped back to where he came from. Will Bonnie and Lynx be able to help each other mend their broken hearts?

Outcast is the fourth book in The Cat Star Chronicles. I have to tell you that with each book, this series as well as Ms. Brooks just keep getting better and better. I got to warn you that if you are allergic to hot men and lots of steamy sex then you could stray away but if you love this type of combination then have got to run out to the nearest bookstore and pick yourself up a copy of Outcast today! Cheryl Brooks will have you meowing for more. I hope this series never ends.


Anonymous said…
Hi Cheryl,
I recently contacted you about a review for my manuscript, and you never replied...I hope that life hasn't found you too busy.

Thanks for your time,

God bless,
Taylor J. Beisler

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