I am Messalina:Devourer of Men

Evadne "Eve" Cavell is an assistant professor at Bellingham College. She teaches about Women in Fiction. At first glance you would never guess that Eve's favorite passtime is to go to her local movie theather The DeLuxe. She goes every Thursday not for the movie but for some satisfying pleasure. This is because, Eve is thirty-five and a very volumpous woman with lots of lovin to give. It is in the dark movie theather that she lets strangers fondle her. It works out great this way. Eve doesn't have to worry about having a relationship with the men and she get off from it. But as much as Eve enjoys her Thursday romps, she misses not having mind blowing sex.

During one of her many trips, Eve meets the most incredible man. He does such a good job tha he makes her knees weak. Eve can't resist knowing who this man is and she breaks her rule and asks him his name. His name is Jared Delaney. He is a talented artist, who lives n Denver. Eve does another incredible thing and allows Jared to date her.

Eve is my hero. Ok so not really but she could be. She represents the bad girl in all of us women. At the same time though Eve is also one of the nicest woman you will ever meet. She shows you that women can be sexy no matter what shape or sixe they come in. All you have to do is find the right guy. I have read many erotic novels and by far Messalina:Devourer of Men has got to be one of the hottest books I have read. Author Zetta Brown really knows how to turn up the heat.


Mishel said…
This sounds interesting! I like what Eve represents, she sounds like a great character =D

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