A Girl's Guide to...

The year is 1974.

Some days it feels like Susannah and her boyfriend Jason are talking complete circles around each other. A big reason for that might have to do with the fact that Jason is ten years older than Susannah. Also Jason is an antiques dealer, whereas Susannah is a college student at Sussex University. But there is one advantage to dating an older man and that is Susannah does not have to live on campus.

One of Susannah’s study partners for Modern European Mind has a mental breakdown and leaves school. This leaves Susannah and Rob her other study partner to end up spending lots of time together, getting to know each other. Rob and Susannah start up an affair. Just as Susannah is thinking about breaking things off with Rob; Susannah learns that she is pregnant…oops. Now what is a girl to do?

A Girl’s Guide to Modern European Philosophy is author Charlotte Greig’s first novel. While I did find the struggles Susannah went through somewhat interesting, I kept wondering throughout the book just how Modern European Philosophy really played a part in this story? Yes, Susannah attended a Modern European class but whenever it seemed like she would comment on one of the European writers’ teachings, they weren’t much help in Susannah’s life or situation.

I found all of the characters too self-absorbed in their own lives. Susannah got on my nerves. She was weak and let the other guys around her make decisions for her, which was a bad thing as they couldn’t take care of themselves. Overall, I don’t know if this book was above and beyond my head and I missed the concept but I am sad to say I didn’t really care for this book.


Julie P. said…
This book just got a great review in Entertainment Weekly.

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