Blood and Ice

Michael Wilde is a journalist for Eco-Travel magazine. His boss offers him the chance to travel to the ends of the earth or pretty much close to it. He tells Michael that he has set it up where one reporter is being allowed to go to Point Adelie in Antarctica, near the South Pole. This assignment would be to take pictures of the Adelie penguins and write a report on them. Michael knows he can't pass up an opportunity like this, so he agrees to go.

While out on a diving expedition, Michael unearths something so horrific that it leaves him speechless. There located in the Antarctic Ocean is a man and a woman. They are frozen in a block of ice but that isn't the usual thing. It just so happens that the couple has been bound together by chains. It is like the ice has preserved them for all ages. Michael knows that he has discovered a gold mine. His only goal now is to figure out what happened, so many centuries ago. The answer to this mystery will blow you away as Michael possess what could be one of the best kept secrets of all times.

Let me first start off by saying Wow! I did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. At almost five hundred pages this is a good thing. Though as much as I liked Blood and Ice, there was only one little problem that I had and that was when the storyline would switch from the past to the present. I had a little trouble following at first and would have to check to see if I was going back in time before I would start reading. Other then this issue which I would call minor, I had a pleasure reading this book. Towards the middle of the story, it started to get dark. I don't want to give away the ending but let me tell you that it is good. I plan to check out Mr. Masello's other work.


Becky LeJeune said…
I bought this one when it came out and then never got to it. It's going to have to be bumped up big time after this!
ann marie said…
I just started reading this book and I too am loving it. I love stories that go back and forth between past and present. Off to finish reading. Have a great week. :)

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