Let's have Summer on Blossom Street

Lydia Goetz, owner of A Good Yarn is back for more fun and adventures. She is joined by some old as well as some new friends. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Summer on Blossom Street.

Phoebe Rylander works as a physical therapist at Madison Avenue Physical Therapy. While out for a walk, she finds herself on Blossom Street and in front of A Good Yarn. She spots in the store window a sign advertising a knitting class called Knit to Quit. Phoebe signs up for the class. The knitting class will be the perfect distraction for her to get her mind off her ex-fiance and her broken engagement.

Alix and her husband Jordan are finally ready to start a family but first Alix needs to quit smoking. Alix decides to sign up for Knit to Quit as she has something to quit.

Bryan Hutchinson has taken over his family's chocolate company. Between all of the responsibilities of running a company and the lawsuit, it is no wonder he is under a lot of stress. Bryan's physician suggests that he take up knitting.

Anne Marie Roche and her adopted daughter, Ellen have just returned home from a trip to Paris. They are barely unpacked before a mysterious man comes around asking about Ellen.

Finally there is Lydia. She, her husband, and their son Cody have taken in twelve year old girl named Casey. Casey was only suppose to be with them for a few days. Now Lydia and her family have to find a way to bring harmony to their lives. It won't be easy as Casey has the biggest chip on her shoulder.

Debbie Macomber's latest Summer on Blossom Street is the perfect way to start out my summer. I instantly felt welcomed like I was part of the group on Blossom Street. The only other series where I felt the same way is Robyn Carr's Virgin River series. Debbie Macomber is in good company. What I enjoyed about this book is that all of the characters from the previous novels were back as well as the fact that I was introduced to new ones as well. So if you are wanting the perfect summer, where you can hang out with good friends then pick up a copy of Summer on Blossom Street today. You won't be sorry.


Bingo said…
Debbie McComber always writes good books that one can enjoy and not have to stress about. Thanks for the good review as this is on my wish list!
Dar said…
Glad you enjoyed it Cheryl. So did I! It was great to go back and visit with all those familiar characters again.
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