Book Review: A Curse of Blood and Bloom


For romantic fantasy fans who loved From Blood and Ash , The Song of the Marked , and The Bridge Kingdom . Step into a Greek-inspired world of warriors, vampires, and fae who are tangled up in a haunting curse. Dark, enchanting, addictive escapism wrapped in a swoon-worthy romance.
The Isle of Meraki has been ruled by women for four hundred years. That is certain, but what the legends don't tell us is how they overtook the throne.

Evanthe Sideris, 27-year-old daughter of a fallen monarch, is determined to bring honor to her mother's name once more. She's a trained Stone Holder of Meraki, likely to earn a place in the next Noonsnight, but that isn't enough for her. In a moment of desperation, she makes a dire bargain to gain advantage and is left with a burden so deadly she may lose everything she has worked for.

Aero Vouvali, 30-year-old Prince of Baros, has learned above all else- Never trust a woman. Many years ago, his ancestors were banished from Meraki and left to fend for themselves on a foreign isle. Despite the odds, they thrived- until now. His people face a grave famine and taking back Meraki may be their only way to survive. When the consequences of Evanthe's pact threaten his expedition, he must set aside past grievances and fight beside her or lose everything.

She owes him an island.

He owes her his sword.

Together, they get so much more than they bargained for.

A Curse of Blood and Bloom is an enemies to lovers romance and the first book of the Blood and Bloom series. This book contains explicit content and is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age.

My Review

I have to admit that in the beginning, I got a bit lost trying to piece together who was who and the storyline. Therefore, it was slow reading in the beginning. After I did get everyone straight in my head, it still felt like it took a while until anything of great important happened in the story that made me go "Wow".

Not to say that there was not a death and Evanthe learning about her heritage. Yet, as the story progressed, it did pick up and got better personally for me. I felt like I really got into the book in the latter half of the story. It for sure made up for the first half. The chemistry between Evanthe and Aero is a slow burn romance. That I was feeling. 


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