Colorado Cowboy

Come home to Topaz Falls, Colorado where a down-on-her-luck bull rider falls for the cowboy she can't resist in this heart-warming western romance!

As a champion barrel racer, Charity Stone has learned to hold her own in the male-dominated rodeo world. There's no cowboy she can't handle...except for one. Officer Dev Jenkins has made it clear he doesn't look at her like one of the guys. He's caught her attention but Charity doesn't do relationships--especially not with a cowboy. When she suddenly finds herself in charge of her thirteen-year-old nephew, who's had a few brushes with the law, Charity has no choice but to ask for the deputy's help.
Dev hasn't stopped fantasizing about Charity since she moved to Topaz Falls, but she's been hell bent on keeping her distance. When she comes to him for help with her nephew, he finally has the chance to make his move. Winning her over won't be easy, though--especially when her nephew's mistakes start to threaten his town. How can he do his job and still convince Charity he's the cowboy for her?

My Review

This is the second book I have read in this series. Each book can be read as a stand alone novel. So this is great for new readers as they can jump right into this series at any point. I do have to admit that I am a bit bias. This book combines two things that I have a fond place for in my heart...horses and Colorado. Being a Colorado naïve, I am drawn to books that are based in Colorado or authors that were from or live in Colorado. 

Right away, I was drawn into this book. I just liked Charity, Dev, and Brodie. If it was not for Brodie, than, Charity would have kind of been of been just another person. Not that her barrel riding skills make her dull but she was more straight and narrow. Brodie pushed her to her limits and to expand her horizon. Speaking of Brodie; I felt bad for him. His mother just leaves him with his Aunt without a goodbye. 

Finally, there is Dev. He is kind hearted but also made me laugh. For example, when he got to put on his sirens and drive more than twenty five miles an hour to the scene of the "crime" involving Charity and Brodie and a wild night ride excursion.  Dev and Charity did not hook up until about the half way point. The love making scenes are brief but hot. 

Readers should make sure that Colorado Cowboy is on their purchase list! You don't want to miss out on this book.


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