Light Radiance Splendor

The Divine Shekinah seeks deliverance from exile to heal a world desperately in need of Her wisdom. Her chosen mission keeper, three generations of kabbalists from places as diverse as a 19th century shtetl and modern day Israel/Palestine, must grapple with profound injustices and the shadows of humanity. If they choose the path of righteousness, love, and forgiveness, Her light can return to the world. Will the mission succeed? Will the divine feminine return to the world? The Shekinah calls to all of us to find our own way to 'knit the world back together.

My Review

This book is one of those that you could say is out of my comfort zone. Yet, I am always open to finding new books that are out of my normal reading pattern. I have found some books that have surprised me. This book is spilt into sections focusing on different main characters and their stories.

As soon as I started reading this book, I was both a little lost but intrigued at the same time. Lost because there were a lot of moving characters introduced before I could get them all straight and intrigued because of the subject matter that this book was about. I liked that Shekinah was portrayed as a female. She was full of light but strength as well. This was shown to those who would listen to her. While, I did find this book to be different in a good way, it was not my cup of tea. Part of the other reason I found myself not fully committing to this book is that it read like a poem. It flowed nicely but speaking fully for myself, this way that the story read kind of made it hard for me to grasp at the story. Yet, I would try this author again in the future.


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