Ava Moss

In the heart of Manhattan's financial district, during her rise through the entry-level program of a large conglomerate, Ava Moss encounters the salacious Scott Wallace. While Ava considers her boss inscrutable she realizes her heart must remain Scott-free and not fall prey to his charismatic prowess.

Quite by accident Ava overhears computer thieves plotting to steal the firm's investment clients and seize their information. Worried Scott will not believe her story Ava enlists the help of coworkers to catch the culprits. When Scott learns about the attempted fraud, he is angrier with Ava for not having confided in him than in any potential swindle.

Ava, heartbroken by Scott's silence and what she considers his lack of gratitude, attempts to move on to avoid the bleak consequences of unrequited love.

My Review

This story started out fine. In fact, I found myself smiling. Ava's first encounter with Scott was charming. I could not wait to get to know them both better and see them together. Yet, the story came to a stand still and I struggled to find my footing again after only about eight chapters into the story. I agree with another reader that Scott came off as unappealing. He was rude towards Ava on many occurrences but then on the next hand he could come off as charming. Scott's rude attitude overtook his good side. While, Ava was nice, I felt like her voice was muted. Additionally, the storyline regarding computer thieves was slow to take off. Sadly, I only got about a third of the way into the book and was done.


Mystica said…
Sounds a light, fun read.

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