Alpha Landon

Althea and Landon have been friends since childhood and are near inseparable, but the clock is ticking and pressure is building from their family to find their destined mate and finally commit.
But when the young pubescent boy that Althea has known all her life suddenly morphs into the imposing and handsome Alpha Landon, she finds herself drawn to him more than ever before and looking away from other potential suitors. With their parents pushing to keep them apart and obstacles mounting around them, Althea knows that her and Landon are not naturally destined to be each other’s mate, but can fate be changed in the quest for true love?

My Review

While, this book is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone book. In the beginning I was really feeling the groove between Althea and Landon. The way they first met when they were younger was sweet. In fact, I loved the way the author portrayed Landon before he became Alpha as a geeky guy with a kind heart. There are so many werewolf books that I have read where the male alpha is physically fit to start out. This was not the case, so I instantly, fell for Landon.

Althea's father has already picked a mate for her. His name is Cyrus. He was a bit awkward as well. He really did try to form a nice bond with Althea by bring her flowers and a picnic lunch. Sadly, it was not up to par when Landon became alpha. Especially, with the cards stacked against him from the childhood bond that Landon and Althea shared.

After a while, it grew tiresome with Landon always getting in between Althea and Cyrus. The battle of the males. There was really more talking and not a lot of action. This book felt more like a romance and it did not have any paranormal feel to it that I have come to expect from these types of books. Not that every werewolf book has to be a paranormal but if there had been "more" then I would not have cared at all. I stopped reading after getting a third of the way in. I flashed forward to the last couple of chapters and I was confused by the ending not because of I had not read the complete book but because it seemed to have more questions then answers.


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