Our Lady of the Ice

Hope City, Antarctica. The southernmost city in the world, with only a glass dome and a faltering infrastructure to protect its citizens from the freezing, ceaseless winds of the Antarctic wilderness. Within this bell jar four people–some human, some not–will shape the future of the city forever:

Eliana Gomez, a female PI looking for a way to the mainland.

Diego Amitrano, the right-hand man to the gangster who controls the city’s food come winter.

Marianella Luna, an aristocrat with a dangerous secret.

Sofia, an android who has begun to evolve.

But the city is evolving too, and in the heart of the perilous Antarctic winter, factions will clash, dreams will shatter, and that frozen metropolis just might boil over.

My Review

I have not read anything by this author before. Instantly I was transported to Hope City. I got a clear picture of what the city looked like and could feel the icy, cold of the Artic. I think I would go out of my mind living in a place like Hope City during the long winter months. One I don't like winter and two having to ration my supplies all winter and worry that if the power went out how long would it be before everything started to freeze, is not my idea of a good life.

Right from the beginning I connected with Eliana and her boyfriend, Diego. They are a good couple but at the same time they could be like fire and ice. Marianella and Sofia are another story altogether. It did take me a while to slowly build up to them. In fact for the first third of the story, it was a blur what I read about them. It really was not until Marianella's secret was revealed and this happened later in the story that I than became intrigued by her and Sofia.

As I was reading the story, however it did feel like there were two sides of the story...Eliana and Diego and Marianella and Sofia. Yet the second half of the story was stronger and where I felt that all four of these characters stories came together and became one.


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