Battle of the Bots

Thanks to the eleven-year-old robotics whiz kid George Gearing and his best buddy, Jackbot, the evil Dr. Micron is finally behind bars. But life is hardly back to normal. With TinkerTech closed down for investigation and the townspeople abandoning their own beloved robots, things in Terabyte Heights have taken a turn for the worse. Even George himself is in trouble. Despite finally knowing the truth about Project Mercury, he's still no closer to being reunited with his parents. There's only one person who can save them. But if George enlists his help, who will save everyone else when the battle of the bots begins?

My Review

I did not know that this was the final book in this trilogy. Yet, I was able to still read this book and grasp the concept of the trilogy. After what I did read, I do want to go back and read the first two books. The robots featured in this book were fun and full of personalities. George is the type of boy that my nephews and other young readers can get behind as a leader. He is smart. Jackbot is also the type of companion that you would want in a robot. For being the final book, it did have a good storyline and a nice ending to the trilogy.


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