Curiosity Killed the Kat

Review by Nancy

When you’re 19 and meet the man you are going to marry, you think you’re set for life. That was Katherine’s plan. She had Steven to cook for, clean for and to obey. That’s right. Kat was very careful to do anything she could to make Steven happy. Anything. It took the death of a young woman to make her sit back and reevaluate her existence.

What she saw did not make her happy and suddenly, she knew why her mother had never liked her choice of husband, Steven was an abuser, a dominant personality and, overall, he was an asshole.

This small book really caught me up and I was hoping Kat did the right things because the chances of her not being around to tell the tale were pretty good if she didn’t. Human trafficking, spousal abuse, sex slaves -it has it all and in plain black and white for us to judge. Does Kat survive? You’ll have to read it to know and I hope you do because it has such great potential.


Teddy Rose said…
Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you got caught up in the story!

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