Winterset Hollow


Everyone has wanted their favorite book to be real, if only for a moment. Everyone has wished to meet their favorite characters, if only for a day. But be careful in that wish, for even a history laid in ink can be repaid in flesh and blood, and reality is far deadlier than fiction . . . especially on Addington Isle.

Winterset Hollow follows a group of friends to the place that inspired their favorite book—a timeless tale about a tribe of animals preparing for their yearly end-of-summer festival. But after a series of shocking discoveries, they find that much of what the world believes to be fiction is actually fact, and that the truth behind their beloved story is darker and more dangerous than they ever imagined. It’s Barley Day . . . and you’re invited to the hunt.

Winterset Hollow is as thrilling as it is terrifying and as smart as it is surprising. A uniquely original story filled with properly unexpected twists and turns, Winterset Hollow delivers complex, indelible characters and pulse- pounding action as it storms toward an unforgettable climax that will leave you reeling. How do you celebrate Barley Day? You run, friend. You run.

My Review

Where to begin with my review of this book. Instantly, I am overwhelmed with words like...amazing, spellbound, mind-f**k, prolific storyteller. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Once I started reading, I could not stop. There were many times I found myself re-reading a part. Just because my mind could not fully process what I was reading in a mind blowing way. This book was a fast read for me but at the same time I made myself slow down as I did not want it to end. Readers beware of Barley Day. It is all fun and games until someone is becomes is hunted. 

In another alternate world is actually would not be that hard to believe that the human race is not the top predator but is the prey. Thus, part of the believability of this story. I would say this book dips in the horror genre but I would not classify it as straight horror. It belongs in its own category. I dare say this book is my top favorite of 2021! I look forward to what author, Mr. Durham comes out with next. 

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Jonathan Edward Durham was born near Philadelphia in one of many rust-belt communities where he read voraciously throughout his youth. After attending the College of William & Mary, where he received a degree in neuroscience, Jonathan waded into the professional world before deciding he was better suited for more artistic pursuits. He now lives in California where he writes to bring a unique voice to the space between the timeless wonder of his favorite childhood stories and the pop sensibilities of his adolescent literary indulgences.

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Winterset Hollow, Johnathan Durham


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