Did My Heart Love Till Now?


Gavino D’Angelo is a bad boy with a bad attitude who is forced into a life he did not ask for when his father demands he join the family business. He does not do well with rules, traditions, or protocol and is determined to challenge his father’s every move.

One night in paradise can change it all. Gavino sets out on a mission to disturb the peace within the family when he finds himself in the presence of Sofia Barone, the stunning daughter of his father’s biggest rival. Gavino makes a decision to use her to play a dangerous game but ends up finding himself in a situation he never imagined.

Forbidden love always comes with a price. How far is anyone willing to go for the one person they cannot get out of their mind.

My Review

I absolutely loved this newest offering from author, VB Emanuele. This modern retelling of Romero and Juliet is just what I needed. I could not stop reading this book but at the same time I wanted made myself slow down as I wanted to savor every moment. Move over Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as Gavino and Sofia are the new couple in Did My Heart Love Till Now?. The remix that everyone will be talking about. 

Gavino and Sofia are just the greatest. I could not get enough of them. You could feel the passion between them and it was HOT. Yet, it was not an easy road for them to take to be with each other. Blood would be shed first. 

If this is your first time reading something from author, VB Emanuele; well let me recommend to you that you should check out War Within as your next book. 


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