Healing The Rock Star’s Heart


Brooke Collins made the bold decision to move to Italy and reunite with her Italian fling only to learn he’s married. She gave up everything for him, and her new job doesn’t start for a month. Which leaves her nothing but time to wallow in her pity party.

Until a conversation with a handsome stranger changes everything.

Brandon Murphy didn’t mean to overhear Brooke’s public break-up. But he, and the rest of the cafe patrons, could help but listen in on that horrible trainwreck. Still, he felt for her, after losing the love of his life two years prior, he understood the pain of a broken heart all too well.

Getting her to show him around Italy seemed like the best distraction for both of them.

Plus, he had the time with his band currently on hiatus. Having not yet healed over losing Hannah, Brandon expected to keep things friendly. Yet the more time he spends with Brooke, the more his attraction to her grows.

Will the guilt he carries destroy any chance of happiness they may have? Or can both of them find a way to put the pain of the past behind them?

My Review

I love this series. With each book, I have grown to really love these characters. In fact, I consider them to be family. After seeing Brandon in book two I could not wait to read his story. He and Hannah were lovely together. When she passed, I could feel Brandon's pain. 

This book has a lot of "meat" to it. It is not just a "romance". There is angst but among it is a real connection that forms between Brandon and Brooke. There was a moment when Brandon was vulnerable and Brooke comforted him. It was a very touching and sweet moment. It is also when my heart melted for Brandon. I look forward to reading the next book in this series. 


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