Chasing the Spark


It’s Valentine’s Day, and Nina’s loving Master has a kinky surprise for her. The gift of a violet wand is shocking, but the sparks will soon fly. 

Nina can’t wait to spend the Valentine’s Day weekend with Trey, her Master. He’s a perfect, loving boyfriend and the ideal kinky match for a submissive like Nina. He’s also a world away from the bad doms she’s dated in the past, but when Trey gifts her a violet wand, she’s surprised… and daunted.

The thought of electroplay scares Nina, yet she yearns to give herself completely. Can she learn to trust her Master enough to let him push her limits? 

Luckily for Nina, Trey’s ready to show her just what pleasure awaits. Over a Valentine’s Day weekend of romantic, steamy kink, the couple explore their new toy, and Nina comes to realize just how much she can learn from the sparks her Master creates between them.

My Review

It has been a while since I have read a BDSM type book. Which this book was a good one. It helped me start the right path out of my reading slump. Readers who have thought about reading this type of book but have been tooo afraid to, can pick up a copy of this book without worry. It is on the "lighter" side of the BDSM spectrum. Kind of like a sampler. There is enough good things to give a new reader to this world a good idea of these types of books. 

I like that Trey has a kind and gentle "master". He could have been really dominating with Nina but he was not. He really cared for her and wanted to make sure it was mutually pleasing for both of them. This in turn allowed Nina to trust Trey; especially when it came to the electroplay. For which Nina had a bad experience previously. 

This book is a good read. I was engaged in Nina and Trey's story. The author wrote this story without going into tons of details while keeping it classy and spicy at the same time. I would suggest this book to a new reader wanting to try out these types of books. 


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