Dancing in the Narrows


Dancing in the Narrows chronicles a mother and daughter’s multiyear journey through illness and trauma. At sixteen, Anna’s youngest daughter, Dana, is stricken with a mysterious and debilitating condition, eventually diagnosed as Lyme disease. Desperate to find a cure, the two women are thrust into the established medical world, then far beyond. Full of adventure, humor, and blind faith, Dancing in the Narrows is an inspiring story of self-discovery as a single mother fights to save the life of her child.

My Review

For anyone who is suffering with any type of chronic illness, I believe they will appreciate reading this book. It is one of the most "real" books that you can read. A thank you does go out to Dana for allowing her mother, Anna to share their story together. I say "their" story because while, Dana may have been the one with the physical illness, it was both of these ladies who endured the journey from the diagnosis to the point that Dana could start living her life again. 

There are many moments of frustration but just as many heart warming moments. Every step of the way, I felt like I was right there with Dana and Anna. I know it is kind of stupid to say that I understand what Dana was going through as obviously I don't. However, it is because of how open this book was that I can say this in a way that I do understand. 

I do believe that holistic medicine can help. I am not giving any medical advice in saying holistic medicine is the answer but I do believe that holistic medicine in tandem with traditional medicine can help. Our bodies can do great things. This book is worth your time to read. 


Unknown said…
Thank you Cheryl! I am so glad you had such a personal experience with Dancing in the Narrows.
Much gratitude and light ahead to you, Anna Penenberg

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