A Tortured Soul


Everyone has a breaking point.At twenty, an unplanned pregnancy seals Crystal Holt into a marriage to the abusive Richard Connor. After a stillborn birth, Crystal insists they have the baby baptized postmortem. A cynic, a drunk, and a poor man, Richard has other plans. When her monstrous husband tosses the baby into the woods to be forgotten, Crystal instantly spirals. After beating her within an inch of her life, Richard does something else he's done before—he disappears. This time, however, things feel very different…

With her husband gone, Crystal battles with the demons of abuse, dark childhood memories, and a declining mental state worsened by horrific nightmare sequences. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that something's not quite right about the way Richard disappeared this time, and Crystal is in more danger than ever. After all, not all of the dark secrets belong to Richard.

Will Crystal be able to escape from a lifetime of torture unscathed, or will she succumb to the dark secrets she's fallen prey to before?

A twisted page-turner that will disturb even the toughest horror and dark thriller fans…
My ReviewAs the reader, you are propelled right into this story. What a story it is too. A sad one. I know you probably are not expecting the adjective "sad" to be used when describing a horror book but it is true. The physical, mental, and emotional abuse that Crystal endured from Richard really messed with her. You see this all played out throughout this story. Every emotion and action that Crystal was experiencing was as if I was experiencing it with her. There were times near the beginning of the story where I did find myself screaming for Crystal to just leave. Why was she staying when she had the opportunity to leave with Richard gone. When it came to the ending, you could say that I was not surprised. Yet, I did feel satisfied by the ending. While, I may not have "loved" this book, I would read another one from this author. Warning as this book is hard to read due to the abuse and torture. Not for the faint of heart. 


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