The Liar's Room


My Review

This is a book that I was really looking forward to reading. It is right up my reading genre. The beginning started out fine. To be honest, Susanna is a person that I would have brushed off as unmemorable if it was not for her past. Adam was the stronger voice in the story.

In regards, to this whole tone of the book; it is kind of monotone with a quiet psychological undertone. A lot of the story, except for the flash backs do take place in Susanna's office with Adam running the conversation direction. He feeds Susanna little tidbits of information. This book would have been more engaging if the story moved faster with some bigger events. Plus, just having Adam as the only one that I really found interesting did not help. The story had two main characters and when fifty percent of the cast is unappealing, it does not help the situation. While, this book left me unsatisfied, I would try another book out by this author.


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